Welcome to
Oula Circles

A supportive space to learn and connect as you experience the beautiful chaos of pregnancy and postpartum. You'll have access to weekly virtual meetings, 24/7 group chats, and the tools and resources you need, so you're never going through it alone.

As someone who didn't have a parent community, joining my postpartum group was invaluable. To know that other parents were going through the same ups and downs at the same time (especially at 4am!) gave me so much reassurance and comfort while navigating a huge live adjustment.

Christine, Oula parent

Now live: Oula Postpartum Circles

Where we move through the realness of the fourth trimester, together.


An 8-week virtual experience led by a postpartum doula & CLC, with curated topics relevant to your journey, so that you can learn and bond with those in the thick of it alongside you.


You’ll share in weekly virtual gatherings, a 24/7 community chat that remains open beyond the 8 weeks, and you'll have access to the tools and resources to help you take the loneliness and guesswork out of the fourth trimester.


Welcoming all birthing parents due in 2024. Spit up on your clothing, unwashed hair, a pump (or baby!) on your breast. Consider this experience a gift to your postpartum self.

We created Circles, because we needed Circles.

What to expect from Postpartum Circles

Expert guidance

Engage in 90 minute weekly virtual sessions led by a postpartum doula, with content and conversation starters designed by an Oula midwife.

Community & connection

Lean on other birthing parents for support in-session and stay connected 24/7 through your Oula Circle’s Whatsapp chat. You know someone else is bound to be up with a baby at 3am!


We’ll cover topics that get the most air time (infant feeding and sleep) and even the ones that are often overlooked (postpartum healing and mental wellness).

Perks, just for you

By joining Oula Postpartum Circles, you’ll gain access to curated resources and exclusive Oula Perks discounts for beloved maternity brands. And a special perk exclusive to Oula Patients - use the code in the Perks tab of your Oula Portal to redeem $50 off Circles at checkout


The 8-week Circles experience is $395 (~$50 a week). And you'll have continued access to your cohort chat beyond the 8 weeks!

The Postpartum Circles program was designed by
Oula clinicians, educators and postpartum experts.


Who can sign up for Postpartum Circles?

If you’re currently pregnant or newly postpartum and seeking a comforting space to learn, ask questions, and share experiences, Oula Circles are for you. You do not have to be an Oula patient to join Circles! Can I join if I live outside of NY? While most of our Circles participants are New York based given our clinic locations, we welcome those who live outside of the New York area.

When should I join a Postpartum Circle?

We have opened bookings for all 2024 due dates! Join the Circles cohort that corresponds with the month you’re due. We’ll place you into a group based on your due date and the 8-week experience will start the following month. Expect about 15 people in your circle!

When will I be connected to my Circle?

You will first gain access to your Circles Whatsapp chat on the first of the month you’re due. Your virtual sessions will begin the second week of the month following your due date. We will provide everything you need to know and zoom links for each session closer to your Circle start date.

Are Postpartum Circles covered by insurance?

Oula Circles are a cash pay service and are not covered by insurance.

How are you thinking about inclusivity and accessibility?

As we build Circles, we will be working to ensure the diversity of our educators and Circles cohorts. We are committed to creating safe spaces where every individual feels welcome and has access to the support and care they need. We also understand that this price may not be accessible, which is why we include supplemental programs and support for Oula patients as part of our care, like our newborn feeding group and extensive resources and workshops. If cost is a concern and you’re particularly interested in joining Oula Circles, reach out to us about our scholarship program at circles@oulahealth.com.

What is the cancelation policy?

We’ll refund you no questions asked 60 days before your due date. That said, we understand that birth and postpartum circumstances are unpredictable and so please let us know if you have extenuating circumstances and need to cancel after that point.