Employers & Payers

Improve outcomes and reduce costs

Oula offers a turnkey solution to unlock better outcomes, experience, and value

Consumer expectations have changed

Refusal to accept poor outcomes & disparities

3x C-section benchmark set by the World Health Organization
World Health Organization

Demand for holistic, low-intervention care

74% of women want a low intervention approach to childbirth (vs. 59% in 2012)
Listening to Mothers Survey (2018)

High expectations around family benefits

60% of employees have left or considered leaving a job because of inadequate family benefits
The State of Family Benefits

Our Model

Delivering holistic, low-intervention care

Collaborative Care

Team-based, multidisciplinary care that addresses physical, mental & social needs (e.g., OBGYNs, midwives, doulas, nutritionists)

High-Value Network

Health system partners with curated specialty network for required high-risk and specialty care

Hybrid Model

Combining in-person care at our warm, welcoming clinics with virtual care increases access & engagement

Education & Community

Group care, peer support & content through the fourth trimester educates women and builds connection around shared life transition
Oula Value

Real value for patients
and purchasers

outcomes & experience


lower C-section rate


lower preterm birth rate


Net Promoter Score

Improved Equity


better C-section rate for Black identifying patients


better preterm birth rate for Black identifying patients


better low birthweight rate for Black identifying patients

Superior Value


babies delivered at partner Mount Sinai West in 2 years


in savings per birth from 
midwife-led care
Midwife-led care and obstetrician-led care for low-risk pregnancies: A cost comparison


ability to influence choice of hospital - key driver of outcomes & value
My first pregnancy ended in a traumatic labor experience and emergency c-section that was rushed and likely unnecessary. For my 2nd pregnancy I really wanted a VBAC. I wanted to be supported and heard throughout my pregnancy. I wanted there to be focus on my preferences as well as mine and my baby's safety.
I wanted a different experience than I had with my son, with an avoidable cesarean section and difficult recovery. Oula specializes in VBACs while also offering a very diverse team of midwives. I wanted to be surrounded by women who understand the complications faced and mistreatment of black women.
Traditional OB/GYN-only care during my first pregnancy was fine but I often felt rushed and not fully informed.  This time I wanted something different. With Oula I have found the perfect blend of midwife & OB/GYN care: never rushed, never judged, and I truly feel the whole staff cares about me and the baby.
I wanted a holistic pregnancy experience where I felt heard and seen as a woman of color. That's exactly what I got from Oula! The beautiful space in Brooklyn always got me excited to go to all my appointments. The entire team is so attentive and thoughtful. 10/10 rating, and I plan to come back for my next pregnancy.

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