Health Systems

Attract new patients and improve outcomes

A low-risk, low-investment way to grow women’s health services and build loyalty with female consumers

The stakes are high for maternity care

Unacceptable outcomes & disparities

40% increase in maternal mortality in 2021
Commonwealth Fund (2022)
2.6x higher for Black moms
Commonwealth Fund (2022)

Women want something different

54% of all women interested in midwife-led care
Listening to Mothers Survey (2018)
80% of Black women interested in midwife-led care
Listening to Mothers Survey (2018)

Unique opportunity to build loyalty

74% of women return to system where they delivered for 
future care
Women’s Service Line Trends (Advisory Board 2020)
80% of healthcare decisions made by women who act as “Chief Medical Office” for their household
Consumer Survey of US Healthcare (Oliver Wyman 2018)

Our Model

Delivering holistic, low-intervention care

Collaborative Care

Low-intervention, whole-person care that integrates the best of obstetrics & midwifery, with access to a health system specialist network

Consumer-Centric Clinics

Welcoming clinics drive better experience and are strategically located to meet patient & partner needs

Tech-Enabled Experience

Reimagined, tech-supported pregnancy care, with virtual care team support and targeted, decision-focused content

Education & Community

Classes and community building activities from prenatal through postpartum care so women feel informed & supported
What we offer

Oula meets health system & consumer needs


Holistic Low-intervention Care

Collaborative midwife-OBGYN care addresses physical, mental and social needs

Consumer-Centric Experience

Hybrid, tech-enabled model enables superior experience

Better Outcomes & Equity

25-65% better outcomes for Black identifying & Medicaid patients


Solution to OB Burnout & Shortages

Staff extension and 24/7 L&D coverage

Loyalty amidst Increasing Competition

Differentiated experience attracts net new patients & builds loyalty

Sustainable Outcomes & Value

Quality improvement & management Midwifery model enables risk optimization & top of license care
Our Value

NYC Case Study



babies delivered at Mount
Sinai West - in just 2 years


NY & NJ zip codes served - expanded catchment area



lower C-section rate


same improvements realized for Black identifying patients


Net Promoter Score


3-6 mos.

to open each clinic, quickly unlocking partnership value

$0 Capex

Oula covers startup cost to stand up clinical footprint
Choosing to deliver with Oula allows patients to experience the best of both worlds: a holistic and collaborative birth experience with the safety and resources of a top NYC hospital.”
Dr. Holly Loudon,
Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Science at Mount Sinai West
I'm so happy I found Oula! The midwives take their time to understand and listen to your concerns while providing great support and always follow up with additional resources. I always leave the office well informed and empowered to make the best decision for myself and my pregnancy.
If you are looking for evidence-based medicine with the utmost empathy and personalized care, Oula is your place. The entire team from the front desk to the incredible midwives and OBGYNs are outstanding. My delivery had a complication, and I saw an Oula OBGYN at the hospital who listened and respected my birth plan. One of the midwives delivered our baby and I can't imagine a more calm, competent, and supportive team.
I wish Oula existed for my first pregnancy. Every touchpoint has been so amazing and makes me feel like an actual person vs. a number at a revolving door establishment. From the beautiful zen space to any communication with an Oula team member, it makes me so excited to be pregnant and share this experience with a practice that feels like they truly care.
I wanted a holistic pregnancy experience where I felt heard and seen as a woman of color. That's exactly what I got from Oula! The beautiful space in Brooklyn always got me excited to go to all my appointments. The entire team is so attentive and thoughtful. 10/10 rating, and I plan to come back for my next pregnancy.

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