Yes, we accept Medicaid

Because we believe everyone deserves a better pregnancy care experience.

Our modern maternity center combines the best of obstetrics and midwifery care to deliver a more evidence-based and personalized pregnancy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Medicaid plan(s) do you currently take?

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus.

Can I switch Medicaid Plans?

Yes! Pregnancy is a qualifying life event, meaning you can switch plans outside of the normal enrollment cycle. Our care team will help you switch.

How does pregnancy insurance coverage work?

Pregnancy care is covered by most insurance plans. Coverage tends to be broken down by prenatal & postpartum visits, routine testing, delivery, and other common ancillary services.

Can I pay out-of-pocket instead of switching plans?

While receiving Medicaid insurance, you cannot pay out of pocket. But our team is here to help you navigate your coverage!

At Oula, it's all about the patients

Could not be more obsessed with Oula and their team. Highly recommend if you're looking for super attentive, accessible and non-judgemental care during pregnancy.
Thando H.
I am incredibly happy with the quality of care I have received from the Oula team throughout my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum journey. I have always felt heard and respected, and everyone on the team has provided a compassionate, evidence-based approach to my care that has helped me to be informed and empowered in my decision-making. This is how I wish all health care was like!
Darcy A.
I recently switched care to Oula from an OB and I am so glad I did! I feel incredibly heard, respected, and informed regarding every question I have and decision I have made thus far in this pregnancy. Midwives take care to give real evidence and data behind why every recommendation is given.
Alexandra Y.
The difference in terms of patient care, vibe, everything is night and day. Oula is so wonderful! They really treat you like a whole person, not just a number. Highly recommend.
Rachel H.

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