Our Services

Full-service pregnancy care from prenatal, to delivery, to postnatal support.

Preconception counseling

Embarking on a pregnancy journey is both exciting and overwhelming. Our virtual Preconception Counseling offers personalized support for those ready to start their pregnancy journey. We'll demystify cycle tracking and fertile windows, prepare you for genetic testing, and address all of your questions.

Prenatal visits

At Oula, we'll support you as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test, starting with a virtual consult. We’ll schedule monthly appointments up until 28 weeks, bi-weekly until 36 weeks, and weekly until birth. Prenatal visits include clinical assessment of you and your baby, any necessary bloodwork, ultrasounds and referrals for more specialized testing.

Virtual classes & visits

Meet with our care team from the comfort of your own home. We include virtual classes in your care at Oula, including our Birth Plan Workshop and Office Hours in your final weeks of pregnancy to prepare for the big day.


Today, all Oula babies are delivered at Mount Sinai West hospital. At the hospital, Oula midwives lead your care in close partnership with hospital staff. We're all committed to leading with evidence and including you in decision-making. We do not offer home birth services.

Postpartum patient resources

We’ll keep supporting you after the baby has arrived. As an Oula patient, you'll have virtual check-ins throughout those critical first weeks, access to our twice weekly Newborn Infant Feeding group led by a CLC and postpartum doula, and our new Oula Postpartum Circles offering.

Oula Circles

Oula Circles are expert-led modern support groups for those on the path to pregnancy and parenthood. Foster meaningful connections with those at similar stages in the pregnancy journey (Oula patients & non-patients!) through weekly virtual meetings, 24/7 group chats, and access to tools and resources so you're never going through it alone.

Our support


We host community events with related mission-aligned brands, and your dedicated care coordinator will work to help you find any supplemental services you might need. Whether that’s finding a doula, lactation consultant, nutritional guidance, mental health or pelvic floor therapy.

The Oula Portal

Keep your care team in your pocket between appointments. Navigate key decisions, build your prenatal care plan, and message your team whenever you need them. Because the most personal experience in your life deserves a personalized plan.


We incorporate your birth education right into your care. With your pregnancy cohort, we’ll review the Stages of Labor, Coping & Comfort Techniques and Making Your Birth Plan & Preferences, and more.

Our birth approach


We support the belief that people with low-risk pregnancies benefit from completing the early stages of labor at-home. So when you go into labor, your OB or midwife will talk you through what you need to know on the phone and let you know when it's time to come in.


Epidural, nitrous oxide, acupressure, or breathwork—it’s up to you. And you can change your mind.


No need to add immediate skin-to-skin or delayed cord clamping to your birth plan—this is standard at Oula. We’re here to support your breastfeeding wishes and all routine medical care will be performed without separating you from your new baby. If you need a c-section, we'll minimize separation as much as possible.


We’re here to help you get into whatever position feels best for you, and we can also provide suggestions. Bring music if you want to dance, sing or chill out and we’ll have birthing balls you can utilize as well.


We take a hands-off approach to your labor as long as everything looks safe and healthy for you and your baby.


We’ll welcome your doula with open arms to our care team and/or help refer you to one that matches your budget.