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Dr. Jessica Vernon, MD

Obstetrician & Director of Clinical Product She / Her
“I am passionate about bringing a whole person approach to the care and support I provide to my patients. ”
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Dr. Jessica Vernon is a mom of two and a board-certified OB/GYN with an emphasis on health equity and perinatal mental health. With over a decade of clinical experience, Dr. Vernon has cared for thousands of people throughout their reproductive years.

In her current role at Oula, she is an Associate Medical Director as well as the Director of Clinical Product. In this role, she is working to expand access to emotional wellbeing and mental health support for Oula patients.

Dr. Vernon is the former Director of Perinatal Mental Health at NYU Langone OB/GYN where she spearheaded the development of an integrated perinatal mental health program in the OB/GYN faculty group practice, as well as the former Medical Director for Perinatal Mental Health at Hey Jane, where she launched a comprehensive digital perinatal mental health program. She is also a board member of the North American Society for Psychosocial OB/GYN (NASPOG).