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Elisabeth Markus-Sullivan, LM, CNM

Midwife She / Her
“Even the most unpredictable birth can be a positive experience with a compassionate provider who includes you in the decision making. ”
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Elisabeth Markus-Sullivan, CNM, is a native New Yorker and has been practicing midwifery in Brooklyn for over a dozen years. She was drawn to midwifery as it combined her two passions: feminism and science. Elisabeth believes deeply in patient centered, collaborative, and evidenced-based care: all central tenants of Oula’s philosophy. As a lesbian, Elisabeth is particularly passionate about providing care to LGBTQ+ families on their journeys to parenthood.

Elisabeth has attended over 200 births as a midwife at NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Following the birth of her fourth child, she took a break from her role as a midwife to provide comprehensive, gender-inclusive gynecological care. She is very excited to return to birth work as an Oula midwife! She received her BSN and MSN in Midwifery from Columbia, and BA from Bates College.