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Nicole Meade, CNM

Midwife She / Her
“It is time to shift the narrative of pregnancy care, and to center birthing people as whole, capable, and more than just a physical body.”
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Nicole Meade, CNM is a certified midwife with over a decade of midwifery experience. She has spent her entire career accompanying and serving women as they navigate life choices and transitions. She believes in holding space for families to experience birth as not only a physiologic experience but also a deeply spiritual and transformative one. She understands that while there is a plethora of evidence demonstrating the benefits of midwifery care, there is still work to be done in improving its access -- a part of Oula’s mission that she is most passionate about.
Nicole has helped bring hundreds of babies into this world across Woodhull, NYU Langone Hospital Center, and Mt. Sinai’s Main Campus, in addition to homebirth settings. Prior to becoming a midwife, she spent 6 years as a labor and delivery nurse at NYU Langone Hospital. She received her MSN in Nursing Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University, her BS in Nursing from NYU, and BA from University of Oregon.