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Sarah Van Buren, LM, CNM

Midwife She / Her
“Birth can be unpredictable, but unpredictability doesn’t mean you relinquish autonomy over your body or choices.”
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Sarah Van Buren is a certified nurse midwife. She was drawn to the midwifery model of care because it integrates three things: the precision of high quality clinical care you would expect from a practitioner, the education and trust you would expect from a teacher, and the love and compassion you would expect from a good friend.

Sarah deeply believes that pregnancy care should be thorough and holistic for all birthing people, and as a midwife, it is her role to help her patients make informed decisions along their unique pregnancy journey. One of the parts of Oula that she is most excited about is the emphasis on continued support in fourth trimester, specifically through Postpartum Office hours. It provides not only essential guidance doing a key part of the perinatal journey, but also community and emotional support.

Prior to becoming a midwife, Sarah was a teacher in the Bronx. She received her MSN in Midwifery and Women’s Health from Yale School of Nursing with concentrations in Gender and Sexual Health Justice and Global Health.