Compassionate support for VBAC

We're dedicated to providing a judgment-free environment to support those considering a VBAC.

We’re in network with most major insurance providers

VBAC at Oula

There’s no “right way” to give birth. People who have experienced a prior Cesarean birth deserve safe, personalized and evidence-based care when deciding on the best path in a new pregnancy.

Provider Support

The decision to choose a VBAC begins with a careful review of your obstetrical history with an experienced Oula OB/GYN.

Judgment-Free Education

We walk you through the benefits and risks of choosing a VBAC versus a planned repeat Cesarean birth, so you can feel empowered in your decision.

Collaborative Care

Research shows that having a midwife, especially in a collaborative care setting, can help improve the success rate of a VBAC.

Better Outcomes

At Oula, our VBAC success rate is over 80%, which is notably higher than the national average.

At Oula, it's all about the patients

Could not be more obsessed with Oula and their team. Highly recommend if you're looking for super attentive, accessible and non-judgemental care during pregnancy.
Thando H.
I am incredibly happy with the quality of care I have received from the Oula team throughout my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum journey. I have always felt heard and respected, and everyone on the team has provided a compassionate, evidence-based approach to my care that has helped me to be informed and empowered in my decision-making. This is how I wish all health care was like!
Darcy A.
I recently switched care to Oula from an OB and I am so glad I did! I feel incredibly heard, respected, and informed regarding every question I have and decision I have made thus far in this pregnancy. Midwives take care to give real evidence and data behind why every recommendation is given.
Alexandra Y.
The difference in terms of patient care, vibe, everything is night and day. Oula is so wonderful! They really treat you like a whole person, not just a number. Highly recommend.
Rachel H.

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