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Starting your pregnancy journey can feel exciting and hopeful, but also overwhelming and isolating. At Oula, we believe you deserve support to learn about your body and meet your family building goals. We’re excited to partner with you during this time of learning, self-reflection, and opportunity for positive motivation. Preconception Counseling will address the holistic aspects of planning for a pregnancy – we’ll work with you on how to tune in to your body, identify any health issues you’d like to address, navigate opportunities to promote health, and prevent harmful exposures. Most importantly, we’ll listen and offer personalized care. It’s important to remember that trying to conceive looks different for each person, so remember to be patient and kind to yourself in the process. 

About Preconception Counseling at Oula

Whether you’re planning a pregnancy right away, or thinking ahead about your plans for the future, the preconception period is an important opportunity to prepare your body and your mind for pregnancy. At a preconception visit, we’ll review your health history, share personalized proactive health education, offer follow up lab work at one of our clinics, and give you any referrals needed. We’ll work together to co-create a preconception plan to guide you along on your road to pregnancy. You’ll walk away with all the support, education and the clarity you need to begin your conception journey. 

Some topics we’ll discuss

Healthy habits: Continue or begin preventative health care visits for physical, dental and mental health care. We’ll explain how to do a survey of toxin exposures at home and at work to assess your risk exposure

Nutrition: Now is a great time to start optimizing your nutritional intake with a review of whole foods, a balanced diet and identify gaps in your lifestyle or preferences

Vitamins & supplements: It’s time to start taking a comprehensive prenatal vitamin and learn about what components to keep an eye out for and what other supplements might be helpful in conceiving

Exercise & sleep: We’ll discuss these foundational elements of preconception care and explore building and sustaining healthy routines 

Mindfulness & stress relief: Preconception can be a stressful time. It’s a great opportunity in preconception to work on building your tool kit for managing stress. We’ll review tested methods and provide you with resources and referrals to get you on the right path.

We’ll also explore baseline lab work (including immunization status and genetic testing) to inform your conception journey. If interested, you will have the option to come to one of our clinics following your visit.

We’re looking forward to meeting with you in the preconception phase. We’re here to listen and share the medical evidence to make this an experience that feels supported and less alone.

Schedule a preconception visit with a member of our clinical care team today.